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Our Native Soil
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Our Native Soil is a book dedicated to the State of Texas. Texas is a state like no other, but it has it's dark and dirty little secrets. It has a history of prisoner abuse in it's justice system, mistreating economically challenged persons and a record of consistent political corruption. The book "Our Native Soil" is an in depth look at Texas, the way it really is and not the way it merely appears.
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Houston, Texas
Author bio
Matt Pierce is a different type of writer. Born in San Antonio, Texas in 1981, Matt only attended public school until the 3rd grade. His mother intended on homeschooling Matt and his 2 other siblings but she "never got around to it." Matt became interested in politics and describes himself as being "socially liberal and fiscally conservative."

His topics range from news and politics to social issues and history. Primarily a blogger and a satirist, Pierce is somewhere between Bill O'Riley and Larry McMurtry. His writing tends to be autobiographical but it is usually in the third person, making it feel like his story could be your own. He muses about life and social issues using his very Texan brand of humor and is a always very outspoken.

Pierce has spent time in Federal Prison due to a bad business deals and he claims "this had an impact on me. Not in a good way, but in a way that opened my eyes to the way things really are in this world. I mean, where do we get our rocks for messing up some guys life because he makes one little mistake?" Matt has been very outspoken about the disgraceful situation of Texas' criminal justice system and is an advocate for reaching those that fall through the cracks.

He is also the founder of The Johnny Project, which is a grassroots effort to eliminate poverty from the streets of Houston. While researching an article, Pierce discovered that many people fall through the cracks of traditional charities because they are not alcoholics or drug addicts, or they are not Evangelical Christians or they are homosexual. He became outraged and has started a project to fill this gap.
Professional Speaker Topics
Social Issues; Homelessness; Texas Politics; Texas history; News and Politics; Farming and Ranching; Western History; Global Politics;
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"I think we need to just burn it all down and start over. I mean then, what? The Government couldn't rebuild it and hen what? We might be better off? Maybe."- Matt Pierce

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