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The Wait
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A faith-based self-help book on why celibacy can lead to stronger relationships.
Additional Book Titles
I'm Here to Win
Produced By Faith
The Beauty Prescription
Red Carpet Ready
The Laws of Thinking
The Gospel of Inclusion
How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life
Risk and Grow Rich
The Automatic Millionaire Workbook
The Laws of Prosperity
What If and Why Not?
The Brand Called You
Health Is Wealth
Don't Believe Everything You Think
Be Invincible!
and more...
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Kansas City, Missouri
Author bio
I'm a full-time nonfiction ghostwriter with more than 50 books to my credit, including 17 that have been published with major New York houses and one New York Times bestseller (so far). I'm a Los Angeles native now living in Kansas City (go Royals!), a rabid baseball fan, a blues singer and harmonica player, sailor, trivia nut, traveler and dad.
Professional Speaker Topics
Writer careers, nonfiction writing, ghostwriting, author platform development, writers making more money, interviewing, productivity, living the writer's lifestyle.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

In a world with no gods and no moral absolutes, the only real sin is self-delusion. Look at who and where you are and be honest about why.

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