Michelle Rau

Michelle Rau
Author Name: Michelle Rau
Most Recent Book Title: Fit, Fudge, Fifty (WIP)
Book Description: This realistic and funny “fitness memoir” prepares women everywhere to knock down unexpected roadblocks to better health and fitness — BEFORE they reach them. Rau describes (and hacks) the dark side of exercise, nutrition, weight loss and most of all, motivation.
Additional Book Titles: The Guest Room of the Heart, poetry (2011)
Book, Bowl, and Baa’a, fiction (WIP, 2014)
Website #1: michellerau.com
Location (city/state/country): Vancouver, WA
Author bio: Writer. Editor. Publisher. Gardener. Blogger. Builder. Designer. Kayaker. Cyclist. Artist. Communications professional. Chocoholic.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

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