Diane K. Bell

Diane K. Bell
Diane K. Bell
Publish Yourself To Wealth: Build Your Perpetual Prosperity Platform
This book, the first in a series, is about a system that creates your very own perpetual prosperity platform. You’ll learn what YOU can do to claim your authority; become the distinctive leader you are and want to be; and discover shortcuts to the life you’ve declared you want to live.

You too, can leverage the one secret used by only 3% of one Harvard graduating class to create a combined net worth that exceeded the entire remaining 97% of their classmates…(as discovered in a study conducted decades ago.)

“If you had everything you need, including time, money and resources and you want to design your life and business perfectly, what would it look like 3 years from now?…10 years from now?”
You’ll discover lessons within the pages of this book, you’ll never learn in Ivy League institutions…and be fascinated by the results of others who’ve taken their first steps into the world of perpetual income.
Success To Powerhouse: Business Growth Strategy Insider Secrets to More Money, More Time and More Power

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A #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker and Coach Diane’s passion is helping successful business owners take their businesses to the next level, even if you’ve reached a level of success most others would envy. With today’s technology, there is no reason any entrepreneur or CEO should be strapped, tarred and feathered to his business. It is Diane’s goal to help you buy back your time, discover the hidden king’s ransom within your business, and have fun in the process.

Diane devotes much of her time to her private coaching clients… however she also serves as a Certified coach/consultant to new customers on behalf of Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer…a well known automated marketing platform that provides one of the world’s most powerful delivery systems available today.

She and her husband Rich have enjoyed both the triumphs and the heartbreak of business ownership… At one time, the Bell Farming Group was counted amount the top 10 family owned farms in the US, operating in 7 states with 500 employees. At one time or another, they owned and operated a sausage factory, a hot-air ballooning company and an RV and Tractor Sales Company.

In her own words:
” Intrigued by the internet, I downloaded, read, filed and reread scripts, ebooks, and every imaginable piece of marketing related material I could get my hands on. I Blew up 3 computers and burned up 4 printers. Whew!…The internet and mobile computing are NOT anything like what I knew about traditional marketing. Way different…
12,682 hours later…
Unlike many of my keyboard weary, button-pressing counterparts, I wasn’t there to become an internet marketing guru…that’s not my intent. I was there to find out how to apply what was working on the internet to bring it back to local mainstreet business owners. That’s my passion, that’s my mission.
Oh and along the way, I discovered some very interesting characters…folks you may have heard of, like Mike Filsaime, Mike Koenigs, Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Rich Harshaw …colorful characters all. But more importantly, successful marketers, both online and off. They became my mentors…my coaches…my friends.”

A Certified, Professional Economic Developer, Diane is a Graduate of the Institute of Economic Development at University of Oklahoma.

Diane resides in Oklahoma, packs a pistol on the ranch, is an avid fly-fisher and rides world-class cutting horses. She and Rich spend as much time as they can with their children and 18 grandchildren.
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