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I Look Like Me: A Celebration of Self-Love
Book Description
Paula was adopted as an infant. For the most part she had what seemed to be an idyllic life. On the surface she appeared to be happy, but on the inside she did not feel like she was good enough. She had been abandoned at birth.

Every child experiences a time in their life when they feel like they are not good enough. For some, the feeling is temporary, but for others, that feeling becomes a belief, affecting all aspects of life.

I Look Like Me is an inspirational story of transformation. Join Paula as she shares her journey, full of twists and turns, from low self-esteem/self-worth, through the process of discovery, to eventually finding self-love.
Author bio
Paula K. Dieck is a woman who is creating and living her life deliberately, with purpose, passion and intention. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and a Master of Science Degree in Communicative Disorders from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Paula retired from a successful 24 year career in Speech-Language Pathology. Today, she is an Author, Certified Trainer of Infinite Possibilities, and Reiki Master-Teacher. Paula is also a Certified Life Coach who specializes in assisting individuals with challenges of abandonment, low self-esteem and self-worth; guiding them through their journey to finding inner peace and self–love.

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