Maurice H. Suwa

Maurice H. Suwa
Author Name: Maurice H. Suwa
Most Recent Book Title: The Lamb’s Epistle
Book Description: The Lamb’s Epistle: Heaven’s End Cry; Earth’s Last Call!

You have read in the book of Revelation seven of Jesus’ letters …now read the rest.

The book of Revelation records Jesus’ letters to ancient churches in Asia Minor. In The Lamb’s Epistle, you hear His voice ring clear concerning today’s ‘burning issues’:
Abortion, Evolution, Christianity, Islam, the antichrist, Satanism, Homosexuality, and addressed to nations and organs, like: America, Africa, Israel, China, Russia, the EU, etc.

A scorching exposition on our worldviews, The Lamb’s Epistle hits to the heart of secular humanism and relativity, and flays the equivocation of our politically-correct world.

The lambs epistle is a completed 90,000 word three-book series of twelve epistles scribed in the ‘narrative apologetics’ genre.

These epistles are addressed to:

(Book 1) Galapagos and Darwin; Shiloh and Bethel; Salem and Wichita; Cush and Nubia.
(Book 2) Sodom and Gomorrah; Zion and Yisrael; Ur and Shinar; Antioch and Bethany.
(Book 3) Gomer and Togarmah; Sheba and Dedan; Mao and Tao; Gog and Magog.

Additional Book Titles: Quotes of Life
Good Success
Warrior Puzzles
Author bio: Maurice Suwa is a literary writer and a pastor. He is married to his friend, Laura, and is blessed with a son and a daughter: Nengak, and Nenritji. A graduate of English Literature and an ex-student of the Jerry Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, Maurice runs a publishing firm, Book Doctor Company.

Maurice’s third and latest work The Lamb’s Epistle was a semi-finalist in the prestigious Munce/West Bow Press (Thomas Nelson) Writing Contest in 2012.

His hobbies include Reading (which features an eclectic taste, both secular and spiritual), and Travelling (which has taken him to parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe).
Professional Speaker Topics: Christian Motivation
Philosophy of life
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

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