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Intelligent English
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Intelligent English is an easy-to-use language guide for executives. It is created for those desiring to speak and write English intelligently and with stellar word-efficiency, reminiscent of the pitch-perfect, world-class professionals we all admire.

This ground-breaking book will address the questions of correct vs. incorrect and good vs. great. It will place at your disposal the toolset to power your communication to great heights.

Intelligent English offers:
• 100s of high-calorie corporate words
• Dozens of tips, formulae, and hacks
• Scores of business idioms/expressions
• Sample sentences and illustrations
• Grammar conventions and mechanics

Quick Guides
• Pronunciation guide
• Punctuation guide
• Redundancy guide
• Brevity/editing guide
• Mass noun guide
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Madrid, Spain
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Maurice Suwa is an author and advertising copywriter. He is the author of Intelligent English and the forthcoming The Life Charmer. Maurice is married to his friend, Laura, and is blessed with a son and two daughters: Nengak, Nenritji and Nendi. A graduate of English Literature and an ex-student of the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild, Maurice also creates and edits books for the publishing industry through his company Mfecane Publishing based in Ontario, Canada. He is also a member of Canada Authors Association and CIRA.

His hobbies include Reading (which features an eclectic taste), and Travelling (which has taken him to parts of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North America).
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Life's to Charm, not Tame!

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