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The God Of Politics
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The God of Politics serves as both a book of enlightenment for political and government leaders and a manual for governing. Today's political climate is wrought with the ever present stench of corruption, feelings of abandonment on the part of various segments of the constituency, and cynicism towards any and all actions of government leaders. The moral dialogue in governing have primarily been discussed along partisan lines and have done more to divide than to unite. The God of Politics capture the concepts of government and politics found in the Bible and presents them to the reader in an every day, non-partisan, and non-sectarian way.The God of Politics provides guidance regarding political affairs in areas such as economics, immigration, activism, warfare and more.
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Cleveland, Ohio
Author bio
Elijah Abdul Hakim is a father, writer, author, blogger, and consultant. A former columnist, Elijah pioneered and authored a locally acclaimed political column focused on nonpartisan faith and politics. Elijah is the author of The God Of Politics, The Nonpartisan Guide To Government, Governing, And Politics From A Biblical Perspective. Elijah has spent well over a decade conducting workshops, training and lectures on subjects ranging from Business Planning, Job Preparedness, Community & Political organizing, Biblical views on governing, as well as male parenting. Elijah spent many years as a community organizer, and entrepreneur, operating several businesses including a child care business and a business plan consultant company, advising, editing, and writing business plans on behalf of his clients.
Elijah currently operates both a motivational and inspirational blog and a faith and politics blog, while freelance writing, editing, and working on political consulting projects.
A native New Yorker, Elijah currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio
Professional Speaker Topics
Nonpartisan Faith And Politics, Community Organizing, Business Start-up Planning. Parenting.
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Success equals fulfilling your purpose. My purpose is to write my mind upon the universe, to make the sun shine brighter, to make the waters flow purer, and the blades of grass to grow stronger and greener.

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