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Nature Cures
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Nature Cures is a 1130 paged book crammed with information about natural foods and their nutritional and medicinal benefits and includes an A-Z of ailments, an A-Z of natural foods, an A-Z of organic nutrients such as amino acids, phytochemicals, fatty acids, and vitamins, an A -Z of minerals and and A-Z of hazards to human health such as food additives, pesticides, pollution and other everyday household chemicals that can be toxic. It provides solutions to many health issues and ways to make natural household cleaners and cosmetics and much more...
Location (city/state/country)
Twickenham, England
Author bio
Nat Hawes became partially sighted in 2003 due to hereditary corneal dystrophy and found she had time to begin researching the relationship between food and health whilst awaiting eye surgeries. Originally prompted to do so by her her father and friends serious health issues, her research rapidly broadened to embrace all aspects of nutritional health and she launched the website in 2010 to share this knowledge. Visitor numbers grew steadily and by December 2015 the website was receiving an average of 3000 hits per day and had received over 1.9 million hits from all over the world without any form of marketing and acts as a barometer for health concerns internationally for all.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Let food be your medicine and medicine your food and do no harm because nature cures not the physician" Hippocrates 460 BC

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