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How To Get Along With Your Students' Parents
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Are your students' parents really hard to communicate with? Well, you aren't the only one! Pass this fun-to-read, informative resource to all your colleagues at your school, and get a good conversation going in the teachers' lounge.

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“How to Find Work After Graduation”

“Maricopa County, Arizona USA”*Version*=1&*entries*=0
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Hello. My name is Mr. Limus Woods, and I am a Professional Freelance Writer/Editor. I have been a full-time researcher/writer/editor for about two years now (before that I worked in hospitality for many years), and there is no better job in the world. I am originally from South Carolina, and enjoy the laid back beautiful Southern lifestyle. Still, there are not many writing jobs here, so I telecommute. I have been blessed to have been able to build a good writer's resume strictly from telecommuting, but I'm saving up to move somewhere where the writing jobs are better. I am 33-years-old, and am a 3rd year Journalism major at Ashford University. Before attending Ashford, I earned my Professional Writer’s Diploma’s from Long Ridge Writer’s Group and the Institute of Children’s Literature in West Redding, Connecticut.
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"You'll make more friends by being interested in people than by trying to make them interested in you..."

- An Anonymous Quote I Read Once in "The Networking Times"

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