Rob Oliver
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Still Walking: The Story of a Life Full of Love, Laughter and Lessons
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Still Walking is an autobiography chronicling Rob Oliver's life experiences centering on a paralyzing spinal cord injury. At 21, Rob was faced with major questions about life. In "Still Walking", Rob shares his experiences and the impact of those experiences on his outlook.
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Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Author bio
Rob Oliver is a powerful speaker and acclaimed author. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University, Rob was recognized as the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Alumni of Distinction for 2012.

Rob works for the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania, protecting individuals with disabilities from abuse, neglect and rights violations. A strong advocate, Governor Rendell and Governor Corbett have both appointed him to statewide advisory councils including the Community Living Advisory Committee, the PA Developmental Disability Council and the PA Statewide Independent Living Council.

Rob’s autobiography entitled “Still Walking” has inspired readers around the world. “Still Walking” chronicles his determination to move along life’s pathway regardless of limitations and barriers. He is working on his second book, entitled “Still Falling”.

Rob’s speeches have impacted thousands through presentations at companies, schools, associations and conferences as well as multiple radio and TV appearances.

In addition to his speaking, writing and advocacy, Rob is the proud father of triplets, a boy and 2 girls.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

No one ever achieved greatness by focusing on what they can not do.
John Wooden

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