Lukasz Andrzej Glinka

Lukasz Andrzej Glinka
Aryan Unconscious: Archetype of Discrimination, History, and Politics
Joining the spirit of analytical psychology, a psychoanalytic method investigated by C.G. Jung, and the arguments of history, language, literature, philosophy, sociology, and theology, this book presents the archetype of discrimination. Both the historical state of affairs, particularly the recent emergence of cultural, military, and political conflicts, and the prehistoric aspects such like Ouroboros and Swastika, the archaeological artifacts of the Antiquity, are explored. An insightful and overwhelming critique of the modern Western world, wherein the essence has been displayed by both Europe and the United States of America, academia and monotheistic religions, the propagators of racialism in both an individual human psyche and the collective unconscious, is transparently demonstrated. The aesthetics of this discourse is constituted by the Aryan myth, a central endeavour of the twentieth-century philosophers and politicians, which aims at theorizing human races.

L.A. Glinka, Theorizing Emotions: A Brief Study of Psychological, Philosophical, and Cultural Aspects of Human Emotions (2013)
L.A. Glinka, Study of Analytic Number Theory: Riemann’s Hypothesis and Prime Number Theorem with Addendum on Integer Partitions (2013)
L.A. Glinka, Aethereal Multiverse: A New Unifying Theoretical Approach to Cosmology, Particle Physics, and Quantum Gravity (2012)

Lukasz Andrzej Glinka, born on 5 October 1984 in Poland, is a non-fiction and philosophy writer, science author and editor for journals in both science and humanities, and an independent researcher whose publication record has already included 4 authored books and 50 authored and co-authored manuscripts, with more than 30 journal and conference articles. He got Bachelor of Science degree in physics at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. He is a biographee of Marquis Who’s Who and a member of American Association of International Researchers under Natural Science Forum, USA.

analytic psychology and psychoanalysis, cultural study, modern history, phenomenology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, political philosophy, political sciences, religious study, psychology of emotions, social issues, social sciences, mathematical and theoretical physics, pure and applied mathematics

“No God has promised me immortality; hence no surprise meets me” (Henryk Sienkiewicz)

“An avalanche changes its play, thanks to the stones met on the way” (Czesław Miłosz)

“There’s nothing more debauched than thinking” (Wisława Szymborska)