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Route to Survival
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We can survive when life keeps kicking us in the teeth. Kate Mitchell finds her inner strength when all her support scaffolding suddenly falls away. She is pro-active, makes courageous choices, and leans on God. (This is fiction, though I write mostly nonfiction.)
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Phoenix, AZ USA
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Sue Faris Raatjes is a former high school English teacher, freelance writer, and Bible study leader. Her strength is inspirational/devotional writing that encourages readers to navigate the difficult issues of life by being pro-active and trusting God.
Professional Speaker Topics
Word Purge: How to Tighten up your Writing

Writing is not for Wimps! (Developing Discipline & Perseverance)

Writing for the Christian Market

Unique Women of the Bible: What can we Learn?

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"You'll live through it, but you won't look the same!"

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