Suzanne E. Grandchamp
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Marriages End. Families Don't. Divorce Wisely.: The essential handbook for navigating the process of divorce.
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Divorce Wisely is the comprehensive guide for anyone contemplating divorce or currently divorcing. Easy to read, this book will assist you in evaluating whether your marriage may be headed toward divorce. It also provides the information you need to navigate the legal, financial, emotional, and personal growth aspects of divorce. It answers all the scary questions that keep you up at night: What will happen to my kids? What’s the process like and what can I expect? How do I find a divorce attorney? What are the basic legal principles I must know? How do I move beyond being an emotional train wreck? How do I pay for a divorce? Why am I going through this and what’s to be learned? Plus much, much more.

Divorce Wisely is a compass. Whether you are in the middle of divorce, or are just contemplating the prospect, this book will help you find your way. Written by a compassionate divorce attorney, Divorce Wisely will empower you with the resources you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.
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Wayzata, MN
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Suzanne E. Grandchamp is a seasoned family law attorney with a boutique practice serving both traditional and non-traditional families. She is also a skilled national presenter for ThomsonReuters on legal topics related to divorce and law practice management and is the author of Marriages End. Families Don’t. Divorce Wisely. The essential handbook for navigating the process of divorce.

Suzanne’s personal mission is to successfully lead clients through one of life’s most challenging transitions – divorce – with compassion, comprehensive education, effective, practical legal advice, and assertive representation.

Suzanne is a graduate of William Mitchell College of Law and the University of Minnesota. She is admitted to practice in the State of Minnesota, the U.S. District Court – Minnesota, the Eighth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court. Suzanne is also a licensed commercial pilot, flight instructor, and worked previously as a corporate pilot.

Outside of the office, Suzanne enjoys hiking in the mountains with her dog, Scout, trying out various curry recipes (and testing them on her friends), horseback riding, and laughing so hard that she snorts.
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