Heather Jayne Wynn
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Enough, Already! Finding Happiness Now in a World That Wants to Sell You Perfection Later.
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There has never been so much guilt, pressure or shame surrounding how we look or what we eat. The pressure to conform to unrealistic body image expectations has born a diet and fitness movement that has created obsession, confusion and contradiction surrounding our health and well-being habits.

What was once a positive, fun and motivational industry to be a part of, has now become saturated with disturbing and dangerous practices as the desperate need to conform to these body image standards leads more and more women down a dark path full of anxiety, low self-esteem and self-hate.

A refreshingly honest, heartfelt and passionate account from a coach who has spent sixteen years working with women all over the world. Learn how to finally take back control of your own self-esteem and cancel your membership to the yo-yo diet club forever.
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Manchester / Cheshire, UK
Author bio
Heather Jayne Wynn is a well-respected, international coach with over sixteen years’ experience within the field of women's health and fitness. She is on a mission to highlight the risks associated with the relentless pressure to conform to the unrealistic body image standards that are set by society.

Heather is celebrated for her forthright views and whistle-blowing on the obsessive and dangerous practices that exist within the health and fitness industries.

She was a resident coach for a hugely popular weight loss documentary for SKY ONE, regularly contributes to the education of up and coming nutrition coaches and is a passionate advocate for body acceptance and female empowerment.
Professional Speaker Topics
Women's Fitness
Body Confidence
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Self-worth comes from one thing - believing that you are worthy.

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