Linda Coss
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75 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business
Book Description
Ask any small business owner what their biggest challenges are, and “marketing” will nearly always make the list. 75 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business, by experienced marketing copywriter Linda Coss, provides 134 pages of the expert, actionable advice small business owners need to kick start their marketing efforts. Included are tips on creating marketing plans, advice about a wide variety of marketing tactics, ways to improve a company’s marketing materials, and much more. The book also makes a great gift for business service providers to give to their small business clients.
Additional Book Titles
What’s to Eat? The Milk-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free Food Allergy Cookbook is the must-have classic in the world of food allergy cooking. Contains recipes for everything from soups and salads to main dishes, side dishes, breakfast foods, and baked goods.

What Else is to Eat? The Dairy-, Egg-, and Nut-Free Food Allergy Cookbook was created for today's busy lifestyles, with an even greater emphasis on “fast and easy” recipes. No time to cook? No problem!

How To Manage Your Child’s Life-Threatening Food Allergies: Practical Tips For Everyday Life provides the detailed, step-by-step information parents need to create a safe and enjoyable home, school and social life for their severely food-allergic child.
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California, USA
Author bio
Linda Coss is a freelance marketing copywriter who helps organizations in a broad array of industries reach their goals. Clients appreciate Linda’s ability to write targeted and effective marketing materials that don’t merely inform – they appeal to the reader’s needs and emotions to engage and sell.

Whether she’s writing for print or digital, Linda brings a great deal of insight and expertise to every assignment. In addition to her extensive experience writing and editing, Linda’s 20+ years in the marketing field also include branding, positioning, product management, market research and more.

Linda is also a pioneer in the world of managing children's life-threatening food allergies. The founder and former leader of the first local food allergy support group on the West coast, she is the mother of a now young adult son with multiple life-threatening food allergies. Her three food allergy books are helping tens of thousands of families enjoy delicious foods and keep their severely food allergy children safe and alive.
Professional Speaker Topics
5 "Musts" for Creating Marketing Materials that Sell

5 "Musts" for Successfully Marketing Intangibles

Feeding the Content Creation Beast: How to Brainstorm Ideas for the Content Your Target Audience Craves

Using Your Marketing Materials to Build Credibility & Trust

3 Keys to Marketing Success

The Keys to Successful Food Allergy Management (a presentation for parents of children with life-threatening food allergies)

Raising a Child Who Takes Life-Threatening Food Allergies in Stride

What You Need to Know about Your Child's Friend's Life-Threatening Food Allergies

Life-Threatening Food Allergies: The Parent's Perspective (a presentation for dieticians)

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