Karamba Bayo
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Why Do I Love America
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A book in search of a true recognition of America's generosity towards others, and to say at last "Thanks America" openly.
Americans’ continual trust in a unique Creator, expressed through the motto “In God We Trust,” could not be changed even by the events of 9/11. I love America and its people for many reasons: for their commitment to making one another happy, their unparalleled generosity toward non-Americans, for being the land of the free and the home of the brave, where dreams come true, and where liberty is in the very air they breathe. America’s greatest triumphs lie in its laws, which guarantee that it will remain the light of democracy throughout the world.
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The Publisher OutskirtsPress book review team comment on the book before its publication on 04/26/2013

What an amazing resource you have crafted here. You obviously have a passion for your subject matter; you present your findings in a very well-researched, thorough manner. You really give your reader a lot to consider and present a wealth of information. I can tell that you have spent countless hours with your subject matter researching, writing and perfecting your piece. You have presented your material to your reader in a way that just about anyone could understand and benefit from reading it (thanks to the fact that you have really considered your audience.) You add details that add to the credibility of your writing and really do come across as an expert on the American culture. In your work, your narrative voice is just great – very familiar and easy to follow. You write with a passion – you really have a zest for life! I have to say that you have put together an excellent piece here; one that is really going to help your reader to find a renewed pride in America! Your work should be well received by a wide audience. Bravo!
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Columbus, Ohio, Franklin
Author bio
Founder of a National non-Governmental Organization (NGO) first in its kind in Africa, dealing with street abandoned, adducted and convicted children (youth) (1987-2006). LA SAMARITAINE-GUINEE - has rehabilitated from poverty since 1987 more than 1.200 indigenous children aged 16/18 – boys and girls, promoting them to become self-sufficient citizen through free training in technical fields such as carpentry, clothes making, car mechanics etc. NGO is Member of the International Council on Alcohol and Addictions since 1990. Nationwide number of staff: 120 Beneficiaries/Volunteers.
Founder of the Guinean National coalition on the right of the children. Advocating for children right based on United Nations international convention on right of children. www.crin.org/organisations/viewOrg.asp?ID=627- Warden of USA embassy/Conakry/Guinea from 1996/2006- been certified for voluntarily contributing to the well-being of Americans citizen in Guinea. http://conakry.usembassy.gov –

Lecturer of the ICAA – Lausanne - have trained on drug prevention courses organized by the ICAA in 4 West African countries – www.icaa.ch -
Have wrote a book related to the general youth problematic in Guinea in particular and in Africa in general (320 pages) - Titled “Children/Youths problematic in the year 2000 – Aggrieving circumstances and possible solutions” has published a second book titled “Why Do I love America” with Outskirts Press, Inc. – www.outskirtspress.com – Parker CO 80134.
Available Barnes & Nobles and Amazon in Paperback and in eBook with Kindle and Nook book – www.amazon.com/author/lovingamerica.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...
The courage to change the things I can... and the wisdom to know the difference.

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