Margaret T Reece PhD
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Inside the Closed World of the Brain, How brain cells connect, share and disengage--and why this holds the key to Alzheimer's disease
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Living a long life is highly desirable. Even though memory processing adjusts as the brain ages, certain people including those who live past 100 years retain their mental competence. Yet, most adults fear onset of dementia in general, and Alzheimer's disease in particular, more than physical disability. Many ask: What is Alzheimer's disease? Could I have it. Clear answers about Alzheimer's dementia and what is required to live a long, mentally healthy life requires first an understanding of how the brain's many types of cells connect, share and disengage.
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Physiology: Custom-Designed Chemistry, Getting past the anxiety that physiologic chemistry is too hard to learn
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Manlius/New York/United States
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Margaret Thompson Reece PhD, physiologist, former Senior Scientist and Laboratory Director at academic medical centers in California, New York and Massachusetts and CSO at Serometrix LLC, is now CEO at Reece Biomedical Consulting LLC. Dr. Reece is passionate about helping students, online and in person, pursue careers in life sciences. Her books “Physiology: Custom-Designed Chemistry” (2012), “Inside the Closed World of the Brain” (2015) and upcoming “Step-by-step Guide for Study of Physiology” (2016) are written for those new to life science.
Professional Speaker Topics
Inside the Closed World of the Brain
How brain cells connect, share and disengage–and why this holds the key to Alzheimer’s disease

Ever wonder why so many attempts to find a drug to cure Alzheimer’s disease have failed miserably? Understanding how the human brain works has advanced dramatically. Yet most drugs for Alzheimer’s disease only treat symptoms. Discover where the real key to a cure for Alzheimer’s disease resides.

“Professor This Textbook is 900 Pages of Babble”
Convincing Students to Read Their Textbooks

Margaret Reece shows you how to give students a better reading experience. Modern textbooks attempt to cover every detail known about a science, but that probably is not what you are trying to teach. Discover how to select textbook material that supports students’ ability to absorb and retain knowledge.

YOU Are the Media
How to Use Web Tools to Connect With Students Globally

Gone are the days when you have to rely only on traditional methods. Dedicated teachers create their own media empires—from their own YouTube channels to their own digital newspapers. Learn how to reach students around the globe directly and make it easy for THEM to find YOU.
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Temporary defeat should only mean one thing, the certain knowledge that there is something wrong with your plan. Napoleon Hill

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