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The Working Writer: How to Make a Good Living and a Meaningful Life as a Professional Writer
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If you enjoy writing but don’t have a clue of how to turn it into a profitable career, this book is written especially for you. Prolific author Dan Ramsey shares dozens of practical tips on the craft and business of writing earned over a five-decade career as a real-world working writer.
How much do writers make? What writing skills are most important? What well-paying jobs are available for writers? How can you build a writing career from wherever you are to where you want to be? How can you write a book? Are there many writing jobs from home? How can you build a career in business writing? What are the secrets to making a good living and a meaningful life as a professional writer? Dan answers these and dozens of other vital questions with practical advice and examples from the vast world of commercial publishing.
The Working Writer then explains how you can expand your writing skills with proven tips that will serve you well no matter what you write. You’ll see how to build a lucrative career as a staff writer or freelance writer sharing topics what you enjoy. You’ll discover the single element that all good writing has in common. You’ll discover how professional writers successfully tackle new writing assignments. Dan also shows you how to build a great author website, choose the best literary agent, win over writers’ block, and have fun as a pro writer. Clearly and concisely, Dan shares writing wisdom earned in a variety of fields. The world needs more Working Writers. You can be one of them!
Additional Book Titles
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Solar Power for Your Home (3 editions);
The Everything Guide to Starting and Running a Retail Store;
Teach Yourself Visually Car Care & Maintenance;
The Everything Business Plan Book (with CD);
Other titles on business, aviation, and home maintenance.
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Willits, CA
Author bio
Dan Ramsey is the best-selling author of dozens of books on aviation, business, and consumer topics (DanRamsey.com). He also is Publisher at Mulligan Press (MulliganPress.com) and Fix-It Club (FixItClub.com). Dan's most recent book is The Frugal Pilot: How to Fly on a Budget (FrugalPilot.com)
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The world needs more Working Writers!

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