Richard Rieman
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The Author's Guide to AudioBook Creation
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The essential guide you need if you are considering creating an audiobook, whether you are the voice or you hire a professional narrator. You get the critical elements on how to engage a narrator (and what to avoid); what costs to expect; how to produce your audiobook; a variety of resources; how to work with Amazon and ACX and other providers; and of course, plenty of tips and tricks of the trade.
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Denver, CO
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Richard Rieman, author of "The Author's Guide to AudioBook Creation" is an audiobook self-publishing expert; an audiobook narrator, producer, and coach. Richard has narrated dozens of titles on Amazon, Audible, iTunes and more.

"I've been a pirate, a cowboy, a bootlegger, six aliens, two monsters, a world famous balloon pilot, and a B-17 bomber pilot shot down in WWII. I've travelled to other times, dimensions, mysterious islands and haunted houses. I've helped you sell stuff on eBay and self-publish your Kindle book.

Who am I really? I'm Richard Rieman, and I am an audiobook narrator. I'm a performer in the theatre of the mind."

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Audiobook Publishing
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How to Give Your Book a Voice
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