Daniel Alfon

Daniel Alfon
Daniel Alfon
How to Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success: An Ultimate Guide
Creating a powerful LinkedIn profile can be a daunting task.

I know – I’ve run hundreds of hands-on workshops for intermediate LinkedIn users who had hundreds of connections but no idea how to leverage the platform.

So I broke down my methodology into 12 Steps, threw in hundreds of screenshots covering real-life LinkedIn profiles captured via desktop and mobile, and basically wrote lessons from 10+ years of using LinkedIn. This’ll enable you to progressively build a killer profile and turn to the most important thing: leads for your business.
NY & Israel
I help businesspeople leverage a platform they don’t master: LinkedIn. My favorite clients are those who understand connections do not equal mastery.
French-born, Israeli-educated, US-centric.
LinkedIn for business, LinkedIn mistakes to avoid, LinkedIn for job hunters ; networking

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