Saidi Mdala
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Know What Matters
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Making sense of life – the pursuit of dreams and goals and overcoming ever persistently present hurdles along the way can be a daunting business, especially for young people and those looking after them. Know What Matters is about navigating the business of life. Starting you off where it really matters – Who am I? – it walks, especially, the young person through the sticky issues of responsibility and accountability, inventing one’s life’s purpose, surviving media onslaught, choices in the face of teen sex, making school and learning fun, goal setting and win-win negotiation in relationships. As a youth personal development coach, the author of Know What Matters is familiar with the big challenge of employability. As such the book introduces students to exciting and fulfilling ways of making themselves attractive through active participation in progressive youth clubs, for leadership, entrepreneurship and active citizenship skills and experience while in school. These prepare them for the world of work. The book makes both the young and elders reflect on sensitive life issues that society has, for long, conveniently skirted with terrible social and moral consequences. The author introduces and discusses these issues with a spin that prompts endless ‘aha!’ moments for the reader!
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The Loser's Seminar
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Gaborone, Botswana
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I am Saidi Mdala - a personal development coach, author, speaker, life & employability skills programmes designer. I have written four books and published two so far - the other two are due for publishing in 2016 second quarter. I have developed an Executive Speech Coaching programme accredited by the Botswana Qualifications Authority with 3 credits. I am an Advanced Toastmasters and former President of Toastmasters International Gaborone (2013/14). I am also an active citizen with JCI, currently serving as Youth Development Ambassador for Botswana (2016) and was JCI National Director of Training Botswana (2012). I am seasoned journalist, and worked as an editor and editor in chief for two business magazines and active citizen targeting youth in and out of school. I am a father of two awesome daughters, hold a BA in Media Studies and post graduate certificates in Personal, Professional and Leadership Development and JCI's Train the Trainer. I am changing the world for young people, one book at a time!
Professional Speaker Topics
Dream Yourself to Plenty
Charm Your Audience
You Are Plenty
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No matter what happens today - life only gets better!

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