Natalie R Arnold
Most Recent Book Title
Chaos "Or" Crazy
Book Description
Maya knew that this was going to be her last homecoming. However, she didn’t know or expect that this homecoming would be the craziest and/or chaotic one of all. Maya has always been the peacemaker in the group, but, this weekend may even test her sanity. Through it all, Maya and her friends will experience how crazy things can get which could challenge or destroy their friendship.
Location (city/state/country)
Rocky River, OH, US
Author bio
Natalie R. Arnold was born and raised in Ohio, but was blessed to experience her southern roots from both sides of her family. She was able to experience the presence of both grandmothers that taught her the art of storytelling. She obtained many degrees; however, storytelling was her calling. A friend encouraged her to finish one of her many stories due to a revelation from her past.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Blessed and not stressed

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