Kathleen Hendrickson

Kathleen Hendrickson
Kathleen Hendrickson
Positively You! Tools to End Self Sabotage
A sourcebook of ancient truths, guided meditations and common sense.
Available in pdf only
Currently writing: The Four Challenges of Eve
Southampton NY
Metaphysical psychotherapist and writer, Kathleen combines 30+ years experience in her field with current neurobiological research that propels understanding of the integration of the shadow sides of the self to facilitate opening to one’s authentic self and purpose.

She is creator of the Remembering the Child Within Project that utilizes group and individual sessions for release of trauma and troublesome past events that often unknowingly influence current function.

Kathleen’s book in process The Four Challenges of Eve, reveals the integration positive aspects of childhood for living more fully.
Remembering the Child Within Project

There is One Consciousness