Robert Reed
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Kool Smooth Suave Me
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Written through a constructive persuasion, Kool, Smooth, Suave' Me lets the youth decide to avoid using drugs and alcohol on their own, through a situation or series of events staged to take place with a predetermined ending. This book stimulates a page-turning response, with each page building a strong, clear, accurate, and receivable message. While it constructively persuades the youth to make the right choice, it does not offer the cure for drug and alcohol problems in its entirety. Rather, it is one of the tools that can affect a large portion of youths and adolescents today. The book also includes 10 questions through out the book that allow parents, teachers and facilitators an opportunity to "engage" hands on with the youth or adolescent to better monitor there youth or adolescent is in thought pattern and action in regards to drug and alcohol consumption. With its compelling content, this release should be included in the "toolbox of today's society" to solve the social problems alcoholism and drug abuse create among youths and adolescents.
Author bio
Author Robert Reed is a forty-two year old father of four, raised in Sheffield village, Ohio. He graduated from Brookside High school and attended Urbana University. Reed was raised with all the traditional core values and morals that ultimately gives the foundation for a solid individual. Looking back in his past, Reed recalls his experiences as the representation of the potential pitfalls that youth and adolescesents may encounter in the society as people know today. With his deep understanding of today's youths and adolescents, Reed brings a particular experience more valuable than doctors, counselors, or storybook tellers. He brings true, real-life experiences in the eyes of the youth, adolescents, and the society today.

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