Matt Griscom
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MetaAutomation: Quality Automation for Software that Matters
Book Description
This book details the pattern language MetaAutomation and what it does to define Quality Automation, a set of techniques in a system to get vastly better business value from automated quality measurements of a software product.
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Shoreline, WA, USA
Author bio
Matt Griscom has 30 years' experience creating software including innovative test automation, harnesses and frameworks. Two degrees in physics primed him to seek the big picture in any setting. This comprehensive vision and a love of solving difficult and important problems led him to create the MetaAutomation pattern language to enable more effective automated verifications for software quality measurement. Matt blogs on MetaAutomation and publishes books on that topic to lead the entire software quality process through a quantum leap in improved productivity, communication and business value. Matt loves helping people solve problems with computers and IT, and is available by email at
Professional Speaker Topics
Test automation, quality automation, MetaAutomation, software quality

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