Bill Ramsay

Bill Ramsay
Connect The Dots
Blogsite offering Intellectual Revolutions for today’s heated and ineffective Public Discourse. New POV’s of thinking not seen in thousands of years.
Oshkosh WI
Born / raised NE Wisconsin, graduated Bachelors Science in History / Political Science 1970, MBA Finance 1975, US Army Veteran (all Stateside experience) 1970 to 1972, professional job as Financial Analyst 1975 to 2002, various part time jobs through 2007, currently writing on historical (as my passion) events and their relationship to today. Am formally retired, but my brain isn’t, and won’t be. Also in depth analysis / knowledge of how cost and $$ relates to all societal topics. Politically I’m a Moderate.
None @ present. In past HAVE cantored (sung) @ many religious services, am a past member of Toastmasters, and have confidence speaking / appearing before groups.

No truly favorite quotes or mottos. DO like “what have you solved today? What have you accomplished today?” Favorite songs – sort of theme songs – 2 by Simon & Garfunkel – “Bridge Over Troubled Waters – I Will Lead The Way” – also “Sounds Of Silence” – love the indictment of current thought patterns.