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GET THERE FIRST! Hidden Market Job Search Strategy
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GET THERE FIRST - Hidden Market Job Search Strategy is a comprehensive and innovative job search technique that totally eliminates any competition and delves into the true Hidden Market! It teaches the job searcher how to break away from the pack and get their resume packet to a company before anyone else even knows there’s an opening, even the employer themselves! Be the solution to the problem before it goes public and you eliminate competition. This innovative method of search automatically creates a win-win relationship with the potential employer from day one. You’re solving their staffing problem and they’re solving yours!

This is a job search technique that teaches the applicants how to target specific employers, get their extremely original resume packet to the right person (past the ‘guard’) and have their skills magnify a pending staffing problem. That’s the true Hidden Market job!
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Kristi Mishell is a successful job search specialist, career and business consultant, career counselor, out-placement counselor, author, college lecturer, workshop presenter and online course instructor.

She began her career in 1972 as an Employment Counselor/Manager for a permanent and temporary placement agency and in 1982 created North Coast Personnel Services, a permanent placement agency. This company quickly expanded to three business locations in Sonoma County (1 hour north of San Francisco) within 2 ½ years. Her current firm Southern Oregon Staffing is dedicated to providing employment counseling/education to anyone interested in finding work whether they’re unemployed currently, employed and looking (confidentially), or changing careers using her “Hidden Market Job Search Strategy” as the foundation.

Her 40 years of experience in the personnel industry has made her an expert in the field of employee turn-around for all industries, and all positions, covering labor, clerical, accounting, marketing, management, technical, professional and ownership capacities. She has a thorough knowledge of employer staffing requirements for additions and replacements, retention guidelines and a thorough understanding of applicant transition problems. She is the author of Profitable Personnel Services: Start & Run A Moneymaking Business, (McGraw Hill, 1995), GET THERE FIRST: Hidden Market Job Search Strategy (eBook 5th Edition, North Coast Publishing, 1988), Awakenings (eBook, 2003) and has published numerous articles on job search techniques. (See page entitled "Books") She has taught her unique employment strategy class called GET THERE FIRST: Hidden Market Job Search Strategy to capacity audiences at more than 20 California Universities, Junior Colleges and Vocational Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and as an Internet Course Instructor to over 1,000 Universities worldwide. Her exclusive methods of job search have been aired on the radio, presented to professional career groups and taught individually to her consulting practice clients for over 25 years. Her personnel background provides invaluable knowledge of basic business and career-change counseling skills. As a Career/Business Consultant working specifically with career change clients, she has assisted in the creation, development, start-up, reorganization and/or expansion of over 50 businesses, including three Personnel Agencies.

In 2003 she became a grandmother, and created a Website, CD-ROM and a 350 page eBook called Awakenings - Pregnancy Updates. This is a 5-10 page weekly pregnancy calendar with baby’s development, maternal changes, tests, pregnancy tips, baby names, nutrition, exercise and lots of pictures of the development of the child. Plus, a large selection of helpful website links, a suggested reading list and 100’s of related articles, recipes and more, concerning pregnancy development from conception to birth. The Awakenings website is at
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Hidden Market Job Search Strategy
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"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always got." -Mark Twain

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