Deborah Perkins
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Life-Giving Prayer : Practical Ways to Improve Your Communication with God
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If you have avoided prayer because you found it dry, uninspired, or just plain boring, you are not alone. This fresh look at prayer and spiritual life by author and speaker Deborah Perkins will restore passion to your prayer life. With practical tips, personal examples and solid biblical teaching, Deborah tackles the issues many of us struggle with: How can I be sure I'm hearing from God? What if I'm too busy to pray? What do I do on a prayer retreat? This edition of Life-Giving Prayer also contains an appendix with extra resources for your devotional times. An excellent manual for both new and seasoned prayer warriors.
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New England
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Deborah's childhood library card was the key that unlocked a world-sized treasure chest. With a growing love for books, Deborah spent her free time digging for treasures among the library shelves. Her favorite book of all time became the Bible. After reading God's words secretly for many nights (by flashlight) as a teenager, she gave her life to the Lord. A Wellesley College graduate, wife, and mother of three wonderful boys, the author now enjoys creating "gems" of her own with the hope of inspiring a new generation of treasure-hunters.
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Prayer, Bible study, Prophetic, Communication with God, Scripture Teachings
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Do Everything in Love. (Corinthians)

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