Kathy Brandon
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The Hunger for Happiness, The Mastery of Keeping it for Life, Business, Success and Legacy.
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This is a deep dive into how to Find, Implement and most importantly KEEP the Happiness Flowing in your life. Kathy Brandon shares her story of Chasing, Crashing and Sustaining Happiness, Business and Success. This formula is easy and produces permanent results in your life.
Additional Book Titles
The Hunger for Happiness Hardback and Paperback - available Sept 2016
The Hunger for a Happy Body - available Dec 2016
The Hunger for a Happy Business - available February 2017
The Hunger for a Happy Spirit - available April 2017
The Hunger for a Happy Family - available June 2017
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Kathy has utilized her 3 Step Formula focuses on Sustainability and KEEPING the Happy. She works with business owners, professional speakers, ministers, counselors, coaches, and doctors giving creatives and high achieving individuals the Strategies, Implementation, and Sustainability programs and teams they need to build a diversified business, that includes utilizing their KNOWLEDGE from LIFE to create solid revenue streams. Further providing them a pathway to leaving a Legacy for their families and this world. Kathy's clients experience FREEDOM and live the life of their dreams WHILE contributing and helping people in a powerful way.
Professional Speaker Topics
Keep the Happy in Business, Life and Legacy!
Create Products that SELL
What You are not Hearing Your Customer Say
Automate Your Business with EASE
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

It's not enough to create a Happy Experience, what human beings REALLY want is a Happy LIFE!

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