Leslie Parker
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Cycles of Pain
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A Book About Overcoming Obstacles and Living Through Adversity.
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Leslie Parker is from Baltimore, MD and is the youngest of three girls. She attended Morgan State University and Majored in Telecommunication (Directing for Television) and later on decided to transfer to Towson State University in Towson, MD to complete her B.S. Degree in Mass Communication.
She has over 20 years experience in marketing and management and enjoys working with people. She has two beautiful daughters, and is blessed to have two beautiful grandchildren as well. She was raised by a single mother and a host of other relatives who influenced her to pursue her passion in so many ways. Her inspiration
to love others came from God, her mother, her grandmother, her aunts, her sisters, her children and a host of close friends.

Leslie is gifted and talented in all aspects of life. She is full of zeal, she loves to motivate people and encourage others who have gone through some difficult times in their lives. God has blessed Leslie with the gift to encourage, console and give advice.
She has always had a passion to help others, especially since she was a victim herself of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Her unique ability to get strangers to open up to her and win their trust is part of her personality and gift. She has been able to provide great supportive skills to anyone who has experience trauma in their lives. Leslie has
made a personal commitment to God to fulfil his purpose for her life.

Her desire to write and coach started when her friends, family members, former
co-workers, and strangers, asked her for advice on personal issues. Last but not least, she has a diverse work background which includes:
Print and Radio Advertising, Ad Copy, Project Management and
Real Estate. She is also the President and Founder of 5 Star Coaching Services, LLC (Support Group that provides individual and business coaching advice). For speaking engagements or coaching sessions, she
can be reached via email or phone: 5starcoachingsvcs@gmail.com

Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Live The Life That You Love and Love The Life That You Live"

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