Julia Bar
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Healing my Anxiety
Book Description
“Healing my Anxiety” stands out among other books on this subject by being a personal account of anxiety sufferer. With deprecating honesty author describes her struggle with illness and a healing process. This book also covers search for Mr Right and perils of modern dating.
Location (city/state/country)
Sydney, Australia
Author bio
Originally from Ukraine, Julia made the life-changing move to Australia as a young adult. In 2002 she fell sick with anxiety and panic attacks. Through the struggle to feel healthy again she turned to pen and paper. Julia’s memoir is her way to reach out to those who struggle with life and look for answers. Julia’s first book is the way for others to experience the healing journey she went through. Julia resides in Sydney, Australia with her partner and children. She enjoys her work in a welfare sector and communicates with her readers through her blog.
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