Jane Mersky Leder

Jane Mersky Leder
Jane Mersky Leder
The Sibling Connection: How Siblings Shape Our Lives
When it comes to our siblings, we often think of sibling rivalry. But the sibling connection is much more. It is mysterious, complex, and constantly changing. Our siblings are major players in our lives and impact everything from our choice of profession to our choice of a husband, wife, or partner. Siblings are reflections of ourselves and help us better understand who we are, why we are, and the way we are.
Dead Serious: Youth Suicide

Thanks For The Memories: Love, Sex, and World War II
Evanston, IL
Award-winning author who has a passion for what makes people tick. Relationships between siblings, between parents and their children, between troubled teens and friends/family, and between men and women during WWII are the meat of her writing. Leder has also written feature articles for a host of magazines and newspapers, including Psychology Today, Woman’s Day, McCall’s, The Chicago Sun-Times and American Heritage. She is currently working on a series of personal essays and honing her use of humor.
The sibling relationship from childhood through old age – can focus on reader segments such as parents, grandparents, educators, counselors and adult siblings

Teen suicide: Myths, Facts, Models for prevention

Thanks For The Memories: Love, Sex and World War II
Changing relationships between men and women
Ordinary people doing extraordinary things
Women on the home front
Changing sexual mores
Precursor to the women’s movement & more

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