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Mary Frances Creighton - this book is still "under construction"
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Mary Frances Creighton is a Depression Era wife and mother who was arrested, charged, prosecuted, and convicted for her role in the murder of Ada Appelgate, the wife of an acquaintance. Mary Frances Creighton was executed in Sing Sing Prison's Electric Chair on July 16, 1936, as legal atonement for her conviction for Ada Appelgate's murder.

This was not the first time that Mary Frances Creighton had been arrested, charged, and prosecuted for the arsenic death of a person. She had also been arrested, charged, and prosecuted for the arsenic poisoning deaths of her brother, and her husband's mother. She was acquitted in both trials.

This book will factually detail and illustrate the entire life of Mary Frances Creighton, from her birth, the deaths of her parents as young girl, her marriage and family with John Creighton, and each incident that can be verified that demonstrates Mary Frances Creighton's use of arsenic to fatally poison friends, family, and acquaintances. Also included in this book will be a historical overview of the time in American history when the murder of Ada Appelgate occurred.
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Michigan, United States
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I worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for just a few months past twenty years. During my career with the VA, I held many positions, including five assignments as an Overseas Military Services Coordinator (OMSC): Baumholder, Germany; Lakenheath, England; and Yokosuka, Japan (three assignments). I resigned from VA in December 2009, and I returned to school full-time to complete the requirements for my first degree in Criminal Justice.

I have two Bachelor of Arts Degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in English (3.53 GPA), and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (3.73 GPA, and Cum Laude honors).

I have a Master of Science Degree: a Master of Science in Criminal Justice (3.84 GPA).

I am an active member of Alpha Phi Sigma, a Criminal Justice Honor Society.

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