Marc Shamus
Most Recent Book Title
Always Do Your Best
Book Description
Be a top achiever and reach all the your personal goals.This book contains 20 crucial life lessons that allowed me to always do my best. Now you can do your best too!
Additional Book Titles
1) I Would If I Could: But I Can't So I Won't

2) But Are You Making Any Money: Solutions to Overcome Income Path Challenges
Location (city/state/country)
Southern California, USA
Author bio
Marc Shamus is the the Author of "Always Do Your Best and "But Are You Making Any Money".

He is also the Publisher, Illustrator and Editor of the children's book, The Story of Goo. He also is the Publisher and Editor of the healthy book series: 50 Recipes - The Collection

He is a lifelong lover of the spoken and written word. Marc has many unpublished books which are being readied for formal release very soon.

He lives in Fontana, California with his wife Silvia and 5 Children. Marc has a background as an entrepreneur. He loves educating and inspiring others to live the life of their dreams.
Professional Speaker Topics
Life Mastery, How to Lose Weight, Mindset of a Winner, How to Gain Muscle, Life Planning, Home Business Skills
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

You Must Define Your Dreams to Define Your Life!

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