J.A.V. Simson
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Korea, Are You at Peace?
Book Description
“Korea, Are You at Peace” is a tale that compares the adventures of two Western women who explore the Korean peninsula a century apart. Isabella Bird Bishop is a Victorian travel writer whose solo explorations of Korea inspire the author to write a memoir of her own adventures a century later.
Additional Book Titles
The God that Says I AM: A Scientist's Meditations on the Nature of Spiritual Experience
Location (city/state/country)
Charleston, SC, U.S.A.
Author bio
Jo Anne Valentine Simson, scientist and world traveler, retired from the Medical University of South Carolina where she taught anatomy and cell biology for more than two decades. She combines a love of travel, a fascination with biology, and an obsession with writing. She has authored many scientific articles, published two nonfiction books, and has written a couple dozen short stories and novellas. A few of the latter were published with the pseudonym, V. Pascoe.
Professional Speaker Topics
Caring for your Body
Solo traveling as a woman
The intersection of science and spirit
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Reality is what exists whether you believe in it or not. (personal quote/motto)

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