Dave Finch
Most Recent Book Title
Kill the Drug Trade: Ending the War on Drugs in a System of Toleration, Counseling and Control
Book Description
Discusses the many harms inflicted on society by our drug prohibition regime, reviews the alternatives and proposes a comprehensive, scalable, state by state, program for the dispensing of the now outlawed drugs, safely manufactured by licensed pharmaceutical companies to adult users who cooperate in a program of counseling tht keeps them informed of all relevant drug science, products, consumption methods, and health risks, together with information on steps to take toward rehab when wanted by the client. Control measures are designed to assure against leakage of drugs into the hands of minors.
Location (city/state/country)
Penn Valley, CA
Author bio
Retired lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, volunteer settlement judge and county hearing officer.
Professional Speaker Topics
Drug Policy Issues

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