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iHi-Fi Audio Setup Guide
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This Book Is Your New High-End Audio Component

You may be astounded to hear how good the audio system you already have can sound. You’ll enjoy the very best music your Hi-Fi can play when it's set up per audio best practices.

This book covers Hi-Fi system setup and performance tuning extensively, from fundamentals for new enthusiasts, to advanced approaches such as sourcing computer audio, anti-vibration treatment, acoustic room conditioning, and even how audio furniture can help the music you love sound best. All the same principles apply whether you listen to digital files, streaming music, or old-school sources like physical LPs and CDs.

Time invested in system tuning is highly rewarding when you understand exactly what to do and how to avoid many common errors. This practical handbook brings you the following:

• Guidance learned from decades of audio system optimizing
• Practical, usable advice, without heavy science and no math
• Methods to correct specific faults and avoid common issues
• Powerful, easy-to-use, proven, and accepted technologies
• Easy reading from a lifelong audio buff, music lover, and engineer
• An industrial designer's furniture standards for more realistic music

True music lovers want their Hi-Fi systems to sound fabulous in their spaces. Yet most home systems never sound the best they could. Learn in detail how to implement superb playback while you also save cash on audio gear.

With improved setup, you'll be delighted to demonstrate how great your well-tuned system sounds. Even one tip you learn inside this book could make the cost and reading effort worthwhile.

Expect quality and you will not be disappointed. This Kindle e-book is written, designed, and formatted to editorial and production standards for hardbound books produced by major traditional publishers.
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How To Ride the Blimp
Content Marketing System: Buy or Build Your Own
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Port Townsend WA
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Joseph Riden was precocious as a boy: both mechanically and scientifically inclined, he continually invented and constructed new things and usually had some innovative project going on.

He was also an avid book reader. Even during grade school, when he wasn't helping out at home, fishing, or playing baseball, he consumed biographies, scientific popularizations, modern fiction and the classics.

Joseph already had a career established in digital computing when the IBM PC and Macintosh came out. As the youthful Bill Gates vied with young Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs for traction in the budding personal computer market, America could not get enough, or fast enough, digital technology. Joseph rode the digital wave throughout his career.

By trade, Joseph is a mechanical engineer and industrial designer. He helped several corporations transition from hand drafting to 3D computer-aided design (CAD). He contributed to many successful products: five generations of supercomputers, a U.S. Navy ship, industrial turbo-machinery, and biomedical devices.

He continually introduced engineering innovations and led and mentored several 3D CAD design teams. He often spoke at national design conferences about CAD adoption, integration, and management, and the business advantages of 3D design and CAD-driven manufacturing.

Eventually, Joseph left corporate employment to establish a design consultancy. His teams branched out into mechanical projects for several client companies. Along the way, he side-stepped into business marketing for a time, founding and running a strategic marketing agency that helped launch and expand local businesses.

Joseph has enjoyed high fidelity music in his living spaces since his teen years. As the digital revolution transformed audio, he configured and listened to high-end music sourced from computers. His design interests inevitably merged with his Hi-Fi avocation, leading to his founding, a website focused on perfecting computer audio and related furniture design innovations.

"How to Ride the Blimp" is Joseph's third publication. Previously, Joseph produced the "iHi-Fi Audio Setup Guide", following after "Content Marketing System: Buy or Build Your Own." Joseph's forthcoming book series documents and popularizes a hybrid furniture building system that modernizes traditional custom furniture craft while cutting production time and cost by more than half, yet sustaining true heirloom quality.

Currently, Joseph designs custom furniture, writes about audio at, and writes books on diverse subjects. He resides in Costa Rica and the US Pacific Northwest, traveling back and forth as the seasons and business dictate. You can reach Joseph through his Public Author Website: Or use the Contact tab in the navigation area above.
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