Jeremy Shorter
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The Hidden Treasure That Lies in Plain Sight 3: Exploring the True Name of God and Christ, Holydays, the Image of Christ, Pagan Holidays, Days and Months, and Identifying of the 12 Tribes
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This informative new book takes a historic and analytical approach to the heritage of the so called Negros of America and the 12 tribes in the bible. The Hidden Treasure that Lies in Plain Sight 3 is a bold and innovative addition to the world of literature, providing a fresh perspective on the true image of Christ the true name of God and much more. The Hidden Treasure that Lies in Plain Sight features captivating content of a rich heritage that has been hidden from the masses. Writer Jeremy Shorter presents the unfolding of his self discovery journey which leads back to the Old Testament times. For more information visit
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The Hidden Treasure That Lies In Plain Sight: The Truth About The So Called Negroes Of America and the 12 Tribes (AMAZON BESTSELLER)

Paperback: 108 pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse (March 7, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1468574302
ISBN-13: 978-1468574302

The Hidden Treasure That Lies in Plain Sight 2: Examining King James, the Letter J, Pagan Birthdays, Gentile Salvation, and the NIV Bible

Paperback: 134 pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse (August 5, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1504926439
ISBN-13: 978-1504926430
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Atlanta, Ga
Author bio
Bestselling author JEREMY SHORTER was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and lived in the inner city. He made his first professional book sale in 2014 entitled “The Hidden Treasure That Lies in Plain Sight”. Later, he began to do more research, travel, and study the word of the Most High God. Later in 2014, he started writing books based on his research and studies. Look for more published books from him in the near future. Mr. Shorter loves to teach his people who they really are so they can become and shine like the bright light that they are. Visit for more of his research.
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Bible History

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