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Mollie’s War” is a memoir describing the life of a WAC during WWII who followed the troops into England, France and finally Germany with the Army of Occupation. It provides a glimpse into the life of a woman in uniform during this crucial time in history. It vividly describes Mollie’s experiences from her first train trip to Daytona Beach, FL for basic training in October 1943 to the dramatic image of her seeing the Statue of Liberty as her ship approached the shores of the USA in November 1945 when she returned home.
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Northbrook, IL
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Cyndee Schaffer, daughter of Mollie Weinstein Schaffer, published co-author of “Mollie’s War” and editor of the monthly Midwest Writers Association newsletter, received a BS in math education from Northwestern University and a MS in curriculum development from DePaul University. Cyndee’s work experience has taken her into three divergent careers. First, she worked as a high school mathematics teacher in the inner city of Chicago. She wrote and edited mathematics textbooks for several publishing companies. Then she worked on the “human side of computers” as an IT consultant writing training materials, conducting corporate training and testing computer systems. Finally in January 2008, she collaborated with her 91-year-old mother writing a book based on the letters that her mother sent home to her family while serving as a WAC (Women’s Army Corps) stationed in Europe during WWII. “Mollie’s War” was published by McFarland Publishers in 2010.
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The Role of Women in the Military in WWII
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My Mama Wore Combat Boots!

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