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The Hovering Game: How to Change Helicopter Parenting Behaviour in Youth Sports
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Parents today are fearful for their children. Fear of harm, fear of community (not keeping up with the Jones’s), and fear of failure. These fears perpetuate helicopter parenting behaviour, in all of us! Yes, we have all demonstrated some level of over parenting behaviour. At the very least, we know someone who has. From the time our kids are babies to when they are college students, from the classroom to the arena to our neighbourhoods, there seem to be no boundaries of hovering behaviour, and in kids’ sports it is most prevalent.

The future consequences of helicoptering for our children are numerous — lack of resilience, lost confidence, perceptions of entitlement, tendencies of anxiety, and an inability to deal with life’s challenges on their own.

Author Shane Donen is passionate about the benefits of kids’ organized sport activities and the enrichment of the family unit. The author’s stories, the stories of others and information gained from parent focus groups, past pro athletes and kids themselves shape this easy-to-follow book that is filled with amusing and eye-opening revelations. A unique self-help guide for new, current and past youth-sport parents, The Hovering Game is packed with easy and practical problem-solving exercises and solutions.

Can you pass the Hover Test? When did you have your first helicopter-parenting moment and what have you done about it? Are you living your dream vicariously by trying to direct your child to the pro leagues (like millions of other parents)? Are you prepared to follow the practical guide of DOs and avoid the DON’Ts? Will you use the author’s powerful hand gestures in your family to expose and communicate overbearing hovering behaviour?

Are you prepared to take the plunge and change your helicopter parenting ways? Read
The Hovering Game and start changing helicopter-parenting behaviour, one person at a time.
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Shane Donen is a business consultant, an entrepreneur, a tireless coach and sports administrator in the Community of South Surrey, British Columbia. He is the co-founder and president of Seaside Volleyball Club, circa 2003, one of the largest boys and girls volleyball clubs in the province. He is an active member of the Regional Development Committee for Volleyball BC and a founding member of the Host Committee responsible for bringing the Women’s National Volleyball Team Training Centre to Richmond, BC and the Richmond Olympic Oval. In 2009 he coached the Canadian National Women’s Volleyball Team that took bronze at the Maccabiah Games, the World Jewish Olympics held every four years in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has coached club and high school at all levels, both boys and girls for over twenty years. Shane is a mentor for Canadian families of athletes who want to move on to play post-secondary varsity sports through his company, Pursuit Mentorship Services. He is a certified Level 2 volleyball coach, working on his Level 3 certification. Shane, and his wife of thirty-five years, Maryanne have three children, Kyle, Jillian and Mallory. All three children are also actively involved in coaching and playing the sport of volleyball. The four of them are his beacon of light, the ultimate joys of his life in this wonderful sport-minded family.
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Life is more than just a Hovering Game

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