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Escape From Dark Places: Guideposts to Hope in an Age of Anxiety & Depression
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Escape from Dark Places is a motivating story of a mother-and-son journey to triumph over anxiety and depression, answering questions such as, How big is the problem? Why is the number of those suffering trending upward? And how can we stop the stigma? The author draws on history, psychology, science, theology, and philosophy to construct a solution and looks at generational theory for ways to bridge the abyss that separates boomers and millennials. The book provides practical guidelines for engaging young people and their parents, grandparents, mentors, and church leaders in effective intergenerational dialogue, a practice that will inspire societal and spiritual reconnects, fight indifference, create significance, stop the stigma--and spread hope
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The Birth, Being and Burning of Worumbo Mill
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Denver, CO USA
Author bio
Ambra holds an MA in English and a project management professional (PMP) certification. She spent fifteen years working with Accenture, AECOM, and other Fortune 500 companies both in the US and abroad, building expertise in change management, knowledge management, communication, and training. Then Ambra embarked on a new journey.

This new era of Ambra’s life began when she and her husband headed off to celebrate their youngest son’s college graduation, only to find he could not get out of bed. Not knowing where to go or who to turn to, Ambra embarked on a journey of discovery. Her new book, Escape from Dark Places: Guideposts to Hope in an Age of Anxiety and Depression (launch date June 2016), chronicles her journey and what she learned about the causes of anxiety and depression and what moms and others typically sidelined from the recovery process can do to help young people manage their disorders and thrive.

Intrigued by the promising yet perplexing millennial generation, Ambra is pursuing her passion for helping these anxiety ridden young people find their way. The book provides Ambra with a strong foundation for a second career as a full-time author and speaker.

She is also establishing Guideposts to Hope, Inc., an organization committed to providing young people and their parents, grandparents, church leaders, and mentors with the tools they need to support prevention and recovery from anxiety and depression, change attitudes about mental illness, and spread hope.
Professional Speaker Topics
Triumph Over Anxiety: An Intergenerational Approach
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