Martha Brown Menard
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Making Sense of Research
Book Description
A clearly written, carefully crafted, practical guide to understanding research that is suitable for the interested layperson or anyone embarking on a career in the health professions. The book is a wonderful tool that helps patients, educators, researchers and practitioners in all health professions begin the journey towards research literacy.
Additional Book Titles
The Useful Case Report ( in progress)
Location (city/state/country)
Charleston, SC/USA
Author bio
I'm a research methodologist. Tell me what you want to know, and I can help you design a study to answer your question using quantitative methods, qualitative methods, or a combination of the two. I enjoy helping organizations and people in those organizations think critically about the issues they face—to see the bigger picture—and assess their outcomes and impact using a variety of approaches. I also work on my own research projects as an independent scholar. Before I co-founded Crocker Institute, I worked as an integrative health care practitioner and educator for many years, and have written a textbook for health professions students and practitioners, Making Sense of Research, a thorough guide to critically evaluating research. In 2015, I received a lifetime achievement award for my contributions to education.
Professional Speaker Topics
Health care; integrative medicine; massage therapy; research and education; understanding probability
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful.--George Box

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