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Flown the Coop
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When the kids leave home, change is inevitable. Whether prepared for it or not, in the empty nest parents enter a new phase in their life and a whole new stage of parenting.

“Flown the Coop” is a self help book which
explores aspects of parenting, especially this stage of transition,
helps you to understand the change you go through,
takes a look at what may happen and how to deal with it,
sees transition from the children's perspective too,
encourages and invites you to move easily through your own transition

The author tells about her own experience, as well as that of many other parents. This book tackles your own doubts, fears and worries, and gently supports and guides you through your own transition.
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Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen is a communication designer, a Journey Practitioner, a coach, an artist and an author. She has coached thousands of people one-on-one and in workshops, most of them women, helping them to evolve, empower and express themselves in their own authentic way.

Her first book was published in 2000 with the Ch. Falk Verlag in Germany (Die Lehren der Engel).

She is from Ireland and lives in the north of Germany.
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The Journey, When the Kids leave home, Feminine issues

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