Melody Meiners
Most Recent Book Title
Ghostwriting Autobiography
Book Description
A story about entrepreneurism in the early age of computing and faith. Current WIP is a career consulting book.
Location (city/state/country)
St Louis, MO, USA
Author bio
I believe stories change people, and people change the world. That is why I began working with individuals and businesses as a ghostwriter, freelance writer, and editor. I enjoy helping others shape their stories and work with fiction and non-fiction.

Past clients have skewed towards business and personal autobiographies, but I have also consulted on sports writing projects and hope to expand in to true crime and science writing.

I am a member of the St Louis Writer's Guild, Missouri Writer's Guild, and my work has been featured in Alive Magazine, St Louis Kids Magazine, KMOV's Great Day St Louis, and on Bonneville Radio properties.
Professional Speaker Topics
Ghostwriting, fiction writing, blogging
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Stories change people, and people change the world.

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