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Forever and Always
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Cary receives two birthday presents – a life-size photo of Shania Twain and a past-life regression. The first is joyful for an artist who loves Country Pop. The second leads Cary from high energy Los Angeles during the intensity of Proposition 8 – California’s political football about legalizing same-sex marriage – on a sleuthing trip to remote Martha’s Vineyard to discover if the woman whose name and image appeared during the regression really exists.
The story is a touching adventure that corroborates the pain of being born into a family that can’t nourish the particular soul that accompanied our infant body into this life – and that any avenue, however weird, is worth exploring in order to learn that we are loved Forever and Always.
The story was conceived by actress Kelly Carlson (Nip/Tuck) and elaborated and richly worded by David Colin Carr.
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Living a Life That Matters: A Memoir of the Marquis de Lafayette
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San Francisco, CA, USA
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I have been editing fiction, non-fiction, and memoir as a freelancer since 1988 with writers as far flung as Beijing, Berlin, and Johannesburg, as well as with doctoral candidates around the US. Concurrently, I have been associate editor and acquisitions consultant with Volcano Press.

My commitment to writers is to develop their skills through coaching and lecturing, as well as through collaboration on projects heading toward publication. I involve clients for an enjoyable and educational experience, drawing on my counseling skill to work through blocks to their success.

After identifying the audience, we develop a structure that conveys the content and sustains the reader’s interest (even non-fiction can be lively). Opening paragraphs that summarize the intent with intrigue will entice a reader. Lastly we discern a style of writing that is elegant, efficient, and appropriate to the content.

Typically a completed manuscript that arrives in my inbox requires a quick read-through to examine the structure, the voice, the writing style, the richness of characters (for a novel), the comprehensiveness of content (for non-fiction). I return an extensively marked up hard copy, review carefully with the writer, and give them an assignment and guidance for developing the next draft. When that is complete, I edit the text for grammar, consistency, coherence, and richness of language.

I work in many genres and subjects, but am particularly strong in projects that convey the magic and beauty of our delicate planet and the mystery of our hearts.

For several years I have been involved with the Bay Area self-publishing network so I can support clients who choose that gratifying and often appropriate path. I give editorial consultations and workshops on editing, writing, and working with an editor at the annual San Francisco Writers Conference.

I offer compassion, humor, and creativity to bring forth the brilliance of both the writing and the collaborative relationship.
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All aspects of Editing

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