Lynn Wallace
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Do Kangaroos Carry Platypuses?
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My friend wrote the following description: Lynn Wallace, a local resident, authored and illustrated Do Kangaroos Carry Platypuses? This fun book tells us about different animals. Children will like the alliteration, rhyming words, and a little humor. Pre-schoolers will enjoy hearing this book. Beginning readers can read it. Christine Tangveld remarked, “This is excellent.” Lynn’s pastor, Michael Childrers, also said, “This book is excellent.” Elizabeth Brown, an editor at Cook, stated, “I like it.”
Additional Book Titles
In May 2008 Ambassador International published my first book: Our Lifeship: A Study in Proverbs for Women. I received favorable reviews on it (none unfavorable). I heard about one woman who had trouble at her workplace and otherwise. It changed her life.
Location (city/state/country)
Montrose CO USA
Author bio
Many of Lynn's articles, 2 Sunday School curriculum packages, and 2 books found publication. Ambassador International released her first book, Our Lifeship: A Study in Proverbs for Women on May 1, 2008. Tate Publishing released her children's book, Do Kangaroos Carry Platypuses? in June 2015. Lynn sees robins outside her windows hunting food. Mourning doves in flight, spread out the scalloped wing tips. One time she saw a raven on its watch post. Another fed on the road. AS she stood beside her bedroom window she learned deer chew their cud as cows do. One time from her bedroom window she observed a raccoon standing up. A cat ran past it, but neither animal paid attention to the other. Lynn and her husband served as missionaries to the Navajo Indians before the Lord called Lynn to write. She loves observing God's creation and writing.
Professional Speaker Topics
Depression to Calm, The Tongue Spues Out Fire, · Sailing Calm When Troubles Come, · Lynn’s Life Story, · A Twist of Events: Missionary to Writer, · Sailing Calm in Poverty, A Strange Animal: the Platypus, A Sticky Animal: the Echidna
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

As we sail through life, don’t avoid rough waters. Sail on because calm waters won’t make a skillful sailor.

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