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More than Just a Pretty Booth: The Complete Guide to Get More Bookings from Bridal Shows
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Have you tried bridal shows and they don’t work? Or, shows work but you want to kick up your bookings? It’s so much more than putting together a display and showing up. In this book, you'll discover how to make bridal shows – the only face-to-face advertising for weddings – work for you.

More than Just a Pretty Booth helps you put together, then takes you beyond the beautiful display. The information is presented in a such a way as to give you some basic guidelines, but still enables you to use your creativity and inject your individuality into your booth. It gives you suggestions and steps to guide you through your bridal show experiences.

You’ll find it easy to scan and find what you’re looking for. Best yet – you’ll be able to pick and choose what you want to work on. And you’ll be able to quickly find the steps you need to take for every stage.

You will find reference as you are reading in one chapter to other chapters where you will find more information (or explanations) on that topic.

Easy to follow, the Table of Contents is thorough enough to help you find just about anything. Need help designing your booth space? Chapter 5 gives you a complete rundown. But, if you just want to see some examples, you’ll be able to find where the photos are in the book. If you’ve got the booth design down, but need to figure out a way to have some help (staff) in the booth, find Chapter 6 in the Table of Contents, where you can find that information.

You’ll learn:
• The key elements that you can use at any show to get more bookings and maximize your investment.
• Simple, but necessary, steps to take before the show.
• How playing well with others can increase your bookings – even more than talking with the couples.
• The Heartbeat of your booth.
• How to make following up easier and more effective.
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Sacramento, CA USA
Author bio
Julia Markel is the co-owner – with husband Richard Markel – of MarNel Productions, which has produced Bridal Expo in California since 1985. She has provided services - and consulting - to wedding professionals for the past 27 years.
She has presented wedding marketing seminars in the U.S. and worldwide for the past 17 years, including “7 Ways to Get More Bookings from Bridal Shows,” and “The Bride Has Left the Building: Following Up After a Bridal Show.” She has written several articles on how to get more business from bridal shows.
Julia has lived in California most of her life, but grew up in Arkansas, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Education. She received her journalism training at California State University, Sacramento. Julia is also the co-founder and current Vice-President of the Association for Wedding Professionals, International (the oldest international association that caters to all categories of the wedding industry).
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More than Just a Pretty Booth Workshop - get more bookings from bridal shows

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