Sajeev Cholayil
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Understanding World Fair Trade
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The world becomes smaller due to easy travel and goods carrying facilities and businesses are taking advantage of this. But with the emergence of global business, comes new hurdles that require the attention of all concerned. When a global business enters the market, there arises some socio-cultural aspects. That is more than merely penetrating local markets. World Fair Trade was initiated due to the need for enforcing global patents and input allocation for the same. The important challenges in catering to those aspects are to be discussed.
Additional Book Titles
Business IQ for Children, Molding a Computer Programmer, Young age Banker
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Thrissur, Kerala, India
Author bio
Sajeev Cholayil, is a rural management professional, who has more than 15 years teaching experience in vocational schools in Kerala, India. He has also worked in technical high schools as a teacher. He has undergone courses in rural management at Kerala Agricultural University, Annamalai University as well as Indira Gandhi National Open University in India. Through the young adult contemporary fiction series, he reveals the situations, feelings, reaction and reflections of the rural students in Kerala. His novels highlights the non-academic pressures faced by children. He is presently engaged in rural development activities through voluntary agencies and AIMS Insurance Broking Company. He lives with family in Thrissur, Kerala, India.
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Economics, Banking, Finance
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