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Women On a Mission Anthology Book
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Women on a Mission: Stories of Trials, Tribulation & Triumphs
Women on a Mission is an Anthology Compiled by Teresa Hawley-Howard, with Contributing Collaborator Deidre Trudeau with the Success NOW Network. 'Women on a Mission' Offers vital resources of diverse insights into overcoming extreme adversity and utilizing those strengths and experiences to triumph forward, and succeed at realizing their own greatest ambitions and purpose. 'Women on a Mission', will certainly inspire and encourage countless others to honor themselves as sacred and to influence it's readers to recognize and amplify their own inner value. To confidently let their deepest place of unique expression shine and in turn inspire others to do the same! ~
Deidre Trudeau, 'SheFluence Factor', 'Women's Success NOW',
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Conversations That Make a Difference: Shift Your Beliefs.
by Wake Up Women and Wake Up Women
10 Powerful Women - 10 Strategic Insights into Successful Business by Deidre Trudeau
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Sacramento Ca
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Deidre Trudeau
Owner/Creative Director of Ezeeye Imaging &,
& founder of 'The SheFluence Factor'
#1 Best selling C0-Author/Speaker, 2 non-fiction books 10 Powerful Women, & 'Conversations That Make a Difference: Shift Your Beliefs, Armor of Wisdom. & founder of 'The SheFluence Factor' - Explore, Tap into, Own and Wildly Expand Your Influence to create a More Positive Impact in Your Life, Business, Community and the World! & author of 'Social SheFluence': Tap into the Powerful eConomy by reaching out with effective brand presence that fully engages meaningful connections and Powers Lasting Results!

Deidre Trudeau shares 'Armor of Wisdom', in the book 'Conversations That Make a Difference: Shift Your Beliefs. This compelling page turner is filled with wisdom that may trigger a shift in you and create the momentum needed to shift your beliefs. It all begins and ends with the conversation you have with yourself that will make the difference. Belief is the strongest force in the universe. Yet it exists only in the mind.

Deidre says "there is a lot of hide left on those pages from so many years of discovery, much of it the hard way, but those were my choices. I now know phenomenal ways to influence and manifest a life filled with vision and the powerful wisdom needed to THRIVE! I am honored and beyond Grateful to be part of this magnificent compilation. My chapter alone offers 11 practices that have helped make and keep me sane and successful. My story added to 37 more fill this book with testimonials and inspirations that dynamically connect us all in our human journey. It offers profound Life TRUTHS to share and pass on for generations to come!"

Deidre is an award winning fine artist, talented graphic designer, brand strategist, spirited Innovator and visionary collaborator.
& is also the Co-founder of Women's Success Today, and on the executive team for 'Solutions4Life' (S4L

Shefluence the Evolution of Your SUCCESS with Intelligent Creativity & Integrated Marketing Strategies. Remember Good Design Looks Good... But Sells Even Better!

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Dreams are a Believers Vision into the Future ~ Deidre Trudeau

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