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Yvonne Wu
Blogging For Smarties Blogging for Authors and Speakers
The Internet is often the first place that people turn to for information about anything and anyone. Company addresses, information about a person, and reviews about a company are a click away. Potential visitors rely on the Internet to learn about specials, book releases, events, and information. Your website is your storefront and it enables you to reach a global market. Having a website that supplies this information is a necessary component of running a business.

As an author and speaker, the Internet becomes a business channel to network, advertise your products and services, and build a following on a global level. Learn how to create your first blog, effectively market your blog and create passive income opportunities in our new ebook, “Blogging for Smarties Blogging for Authors and Speakers,” which will walk you through the steps of building an extremely effective website.

In this 35-page guide, you will learn:

Blogging Basics for Beginners
How to Attract Readers
Popular Blogging Platforms
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How to Setup WordPress
Discover How to Use WordPress
Useful Plugins for Authors and Speakers
Discover Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Website
Easy Tips on How to Make Money with Your Blog
Learn Effective Podcasting
How to Market Your Podcast
Three Comprehensive Videos on How to Set-up Your Blog
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Yvonne Carson
How to Discover Your Life Purpose and Stop Just Existing: A Christian Woman's Guide to Living Life With Purpose, Passion, and Fulfillment
Yvette Williams, Ph.D.
So You Want to Write a Book? A Four-point Guide to Move You From Daydreaming to Getting Started
This ebook, geared toward mid-life career professionals, covers practical, straightforward information about the book writing process. Topics include: 1) articulating your reason for writing a book; 2) deciding whether you or a ghostwriter should write your book; 3) marketing, publishing, and book writing contracts; and; 4) ownership of copyright.
Yashi Nozawa
The First Christmas: A History of Celebration
A non-fiction brief history of Christmas and associated interesting problems. The author treated the subject as a simple historical event of his research object, so this book is not a religious book as its title might suggest. The first chapter focuses on discovering the origin of a Christmas celebration as a religious ritual. This simple task was involved with finding answers to several important questions, such as when and where was Jesus born? When and which church officials decided the date of Christmas? Did they select the correct date? If not, then what date and for what reason did they choose it? Once the first Christmas question is settled in chapter one, the following four chapters deal with the questions of when, where, and who did perform the first Christmas celebration in America. This inquiry leads us to a tangled web of the incomplete history of many earlier explorers and settlers. It includes the history of European explorers and their mutual conflicts in the period after the discovery of America by Columbus but before the Puritans' landing on Plymouth Rock. This book also describes Leif Erikson's North American settlement and related questions about its exact location. Probably the most intriguing subject is the possibility of pre-Columbian European settlers within the confines of the continental United States. Speculation about the existence of these unconfirmed settlements was triggered by the discovery of several rune-stones, which carried the inscription of rune alphabets, Norsemen's written language. In the last two chapters, the author describes the Japanese Christmas celebration as an example of Christmas in a non-Christian country. Since Japan is the author's native country, he has observed the evolution of Christmas there throughout the past sixty plus years since the end of World War II. It was refreshingly interesting compared to the traditional Japanese activities during the month of December.

Yaniv Shlomo
Start Your Journey to Get the Life You Always Wanted: a step-by-step guide for making your dreams a reality
The purpose of this book is to lay out a step-by-step guide for life.
Just make a decision about what you want and this book will be your personal guide to make it come true. Think of it as if you were walking on a path towards your goal and this Guide is your GPS, pointing you in the right direction at every step.

The book is based on the Opposite Poles Model -- a logical and proven model that was developed with scientific methods to use the essence of the spiritual world in the material world in a practical way.
Wynona Rogers
Riches to Rags: ONe Woman's Story of Betrayal and Redemption
It is a mystery, inspiritational, alot of redneck humour and true life of what happened to me. Go to and get your copy today
William Yarberry
The Effective CIO
In a business world of uncertain budgets, relentless technology changes, scarce management talent, and intense production demands, theory is good, but practice sells. The Effective CIO: How to Achieve Outstanding Success through Strategic Alignment, Financial Management, and IT Governance is all about practice, successfully delivering the nuts-and-bolts for effective governance execution. It helps to dissolve the negative image many CIOs have as remote, purely rational decision machines, while demonstrating how to improve quality and throughput in your business.

This authoritative text includes governance checklists, sample IT controls, merger and acquisition recommendations, and a detailed framework for IT policies. Authored by two highly regarded IT management experts, the book provides not only a survey of existing strategies, but also includes detailed problem-solving ideas, such as how to structure optimal IT and telecom contracts with suppliers, the implications of SOP-98, and accounting for software costs.

The book seamlessly brings together two perspectives – that of a working CIO who must cope with day-to-day pressures for results, and that of an IT audit consultant with a special focus on governance and internal control. Unlike many other CIO-related books that merely discuss strategies, The Effective CIO includes easy-to-follow guidelines and governance principles that can be implemented immediately.
William Wright
Jailhouse Doc
Dr. William Wright gave up a suburban practice as an ear surgeon to become the doctor at Colorado’s maximum-security prison. After that, running a medical clinic at the county jail should be a snap, right? Oh, brother…

Hoards of desperate people fresh from the streets, homeless addicts, illegal aliens, and gangbangers all ruled by a corrupt sheriff and his concubine sidekick made the supermax look almost pastoral.

Told with humor and biting wit by the best-selling author of Maximum Insecurity, Jailhouse Doc follows Dr. Wright and his struggles with scamming inmates, corporate bureaucrats, and a sheriff who wants to be a doctor.

Peek behind the bars at the operations of a city jail and the daily battles to deliver medical care to a population on the edge.